You can trade in your cracked iPhone for a new one

Sure, having a smashed screen makes you look like a laugh but you can’t really text

Repairing a smashed iPhone screen is a boring expense. You dropped it when you stepped off the tube, you bounced it off the door of an Uber. You tried to multi-task whilst chatting to a mate, phone nestled between shoulder and head (until it wasn’t); you smashed it when you were drunk.

Toting yours with the smashed screen signals, “I am a person who goes out and has a laugh”. On the other hand, it also affects the functionality, and is expensive to replace. Being a laugh is expensive.

However, news arrives from Cupertino: Apple might soon let us trade in iPhones with wrecked screens, broken cameras and worn out buttons, for a newer model. Until now Apple stores have only been accepting undamaged older phones.

Presumably, it’s a way to keep us tethered to Apple for life. According to tech site 9to5Mac, inside sources are saying the trade in values will be $50 (£34) for a 5s, $200 (£138) for a 6, and $250 (£172) for a 6 Plus. However, iPhones can only be traded in if the damage is “within reason”. That probably means it can’t be wet, stuffed full of rice or completely smashed.

The trade in scheme is being rolled out in the US next week, and is expected to launch over here soon.