90 per cent of unis are limiting freedom of speech

Where does your uni rank?

Over half of UK campuses are placing serious restrictions on free speech.

A new study compiled by Spiked Magazine shows the vast majority of universities and SUs are banning guest speakers, offensive fancy dress and newspapers like The Sun. They claim the rankings show a growing trend by universities and Student Unions to curb freedom of expression.

63 universities marked as “RED” have been hostile to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. These include Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford.

Edinburgh and Leeds were singled out as some of the worst offenders for banning rape apologists and ‘sexist’ greeting cards, respectively.

40 universities have been categorised as “AMBER”, including Cambridge, Exeter, Liverpool, Nottingham, St Andrews and York. These universities or their student unions, have issued guidance with regard to appropriate speech and conduct.

Numerous universities have banned controversial speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos and Germaine Greer in farcical attempts to prevent anyone from being offended.

Only 10 per cent of unis have placed no restrictions, and have been given a “GREEN” rating, half the figure from 2015.

Not all the universities in the rankings compiled by Spiked appear in this table.

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