I interviewed a pornstar who has the same name as me

He found it on a random pornstar name generator

Being called Jack Cummings, I used to be scared to Google my own name. After years of playground teasing and bouncers giggling over my ID because it sounds more than a little bit dirty.

Over the years it’s become increasing clear that there’s an American pornstar operating under exactly the same identity as me. The benefits for him are obvious – the whole thing is just a horrible euphemism for bodily fluid, which probably works in your favour if you make a living getting busy on camera.

Did he consciously steal my name? Was he unlucky enough to have been born with a name like mine? Why is he never photographed wearing any clothes?

Working in Florida, sporting a big old fashioned porn moustache with the looks to place at least third in a vintage Eastenders Beppe Di Marco lookalike competition, the other Jack Cummings has made it even harder to take myself, or at least my own online presence, seriously.

Everywhere I was, so was he. All over Google searches, Twitter and tighty whities and oily physique. Jack Cummings couldn’t look more like a pornstar if he tried. I tracked him down to find out why he was using my name.

jack cummings the pornstar3

Look at the shadow on his leg

This is me. I'm not a pornstar

This is me. I’m not a pornstar

Is Jack Cummings your real name?
No. I don’t give that out.

So how did you come up with the name – my name?
When I went for my first interview at a porn agency back in 2008, they took pictures of me and the owner asked me “so what will be your stage name?” To which I replied “I don’t know” then he said “OK, we close at 6pm”.

Since I couldn’t think about any porn name on the spot, I got home and Googled pornstar name generator. There were two funny websites generating porn names and last names. I didnt really like any of them, but the first name on one, together with the last name of the other site, sounded cool to me. And Jack Cummings was born.

That’s my name too. Why do you think it works for porn?
Usually the majority of porn IDs tend to be real normal names, but either something in the words or the entire words can be related to the porn world. In this case “cumming” was within the last name, which worked for me.

Is Jack Cummings even close to your real name?
Not at all.

So what do you think of people like me who have very suggestive names?
Nothing bad, honestly. Most porn names really are just normal names and last names. In a pervert mind like mind, names remind me of sex, but for the vast majority of the population names do not resemble anything sexual.

What’s the biggest video/scene you’ve acted in?
The big production companies from California are always the main producers of movies, but if I had to mention one of them, it would probably be the parody of Scarface for Zero Tolerance in 2011. I was the main character.

My favourite people to work with are all women and I only do straight porn.

Any funny stories of the trade you can share?
My funniest is the one time we were filming a scene in which an actor and my female talent were breaking into my storage garage.  I was supposed to come in my car and catch them in the middle of the action. Then as a way to settle the incident, I was going to have sex with her.

It turns out before I was able to get close in my car the security guard saw the action thinking it was a real crime. He called the police and came out screaming with a baton. Luckily the camera guy was able to calm him down, nobody was hurt, everybody was clarified and the scene was cancelled.

jack cummings the pornstar1

Jack sent over a lot of photos, but this is one of the few without any exposed genitals

Any secrets?
What most people don’t know is that each scene is most of the time done twice. First for pictures only, then take a break, dress again, check hair, makeup and do it again this time for the video. Both are the same positions, same location so they look as one single production.

Porn is obviously a very interesting career – how did you get into it in the first place?
After getting divorced, I realised that my libido was still high, if not even higher than when I was younger. In my teen years I used to joke with my friends and tell them some day I would move to California, become a pornstar and have sex with all these gorgeous ladies but it was never a real plan.

It was just a wild fantasy like any other. Once I found myself single again and horny like a bull, I decided to start researching online adds, websites, calling numbers, emailing pictures until little by little some were replying and through references working my way into.

Would you actually recommend porn as a career? Especially with a name like mine.
Yes, as long as you are in a position of complete responsibility and accountability for your actions. We still live in an organized society in which family members, relatives and/or close people can be hurt by these actions.

How can someone get started?
In today’s world and technology, if you have something special to show, film yourself and post it online. Then you can forward that to an agency or production company and if you have to offer is interesting, you will get a phone call soon.

Is porn as glamorous – or as gritty – as it is sometimes made to look?
Not really. At least not like it used to be. I’m sure for the majority of men it’s an unachievable dream, but once you’re finally into the industry somehow you take it all for granted. It becomes just a regular job with a routine.