Clubbers of the week: Two weeks until Christmas

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling ring ting ting-a-ling too

clubbers cotw

Stunners of the week


The best way to avoid clothes shrinkage is washing by hand or using cold water on a delicate cycle

Coldest clubber

Coldest clubber

Not risking anything since Welly Ball

Best value three-for-one haircut

Best value for money on a thee-for-one haircut

Bet the guy in the shirt regrets not coming

Cutest couple

Couple of the week

Your love makes me feel weightless

Most confused husband

Confused husband OTW

Sally, what are you doing?

Most festive clubber

Festive clubbers 2

Please Mrs Claus, think of the elves

Happiest indie rock fan

Happiest indie fan

Oasis reunion? Yes mate!

Keira Knightley lookalike

Keira Knightley lookalike of the week

I look quite pretty, don’t I?

Least responsible drinking buddies

Least responsible friend

Just a sip to wet the whistle mate

Least responsible friend 2

It’s not piss, I swear

Most committed athlete

Most committed athlete

When you’ve just finished a VK but still want to smash your PB

Most painful stubbed toe

Most painful stubbed toe

Girls let’s get some shoAAARRGHHH

Man most terrified of the number five

Most terrified of the number five


Most well-preserved severed head

Most well-preserved severed head

How did he even get that past the bouncers?

Odd one out

Odd one out

I mean, the coat’s a giveaway

Most talented saleswoman

Saleswoman of the week

I give you good price

Best Heisenberg mask

Best Heisenberg mask

Wait let me stick it on

And a giant glass of Scotch pretending to be a man

And a giant glass of scotch trying to pass off as a human

You’re fooling no-one