Why do DJs always look so miserable?

Their eyes hold such sadness

Clubs are a place of revelry, joy and laughter. Many a happy moment has been forged dancing along to the tunes played out by the DJ.

But have you ever taken a moment out to look up, and acknowledge the sad, sad eyes of the DJ? Is it the pressure? Why are DJs so sad?


Ollie (who DJs) said: “I’m trying to think of something smart to say but it’s not really happening. The real answer is because my concentration face looks the same as my sad face.”

eddy banger

On the brink of tears


josh lewis

Impending doom

Yes, concentration is key, and DJing is a high intensity activity but many a set has gone by with not a smile to be seen.

Josh (who also DJs) says: “It’s because I hadn’t matched the tempo of the following track, and it was well out of time. This photo was before I tried bringing the next song in, and I look sad because i knew the song I was going to bring in would sound absolutely dog-shite.”

sad dj

Louis, who is a DJ too, said: “I don’t really know why it is. I guess I’m just concentrating. I do always seem to look really sad in the pictures though, even though I really enjoy it at the time.”

Ben Thornley photographing DJ Nathan Dawe at Timepiece, Exeter

mayfield allsop

Often though it looks like their mind is elsewhere. Not wrapped up in the craziness of the club, but instead pondering life’s worries, like if they locked their back door or whether they’ve fed their goldfish this week.

sad oli

‘Fuck, did I leave the oven on?’


So sad

sad folks and pheels

less of this

Until there’s a glorious moment. A moment not frequently seen that must be appreciated for all it’s worth. When a DJ genuinely appears to be enjoying their own music.

Look at this pure, unadulterated joy:

more of this

Skream giving it some welly

Skream giving it some welly

more of this pls

Have you ever seen such a happy man? In his element. You can almost hear him saying “Oiiiiii”.

The question remains, and it is simply a shame that, on the most part, DJs do just look fucking miserable.