How private school is your university?

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Oxford, St Andrews and Bristol are officially the poshest unis, with more private school students than anyone else.

Nearly half of Oxford students went to fee-paying schools, and two fifths of those who go to Bristol paid for their education.

The least private schools unis are Lincoln and UCLan in Preston, where nearly everyone went to a state school.

Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) show what percentage of last year’s students went to private and state schools.

By a long way the poshest poly is Brookes, where a quarter are privately educated.

Liverpool is the least private school English uni in the Russell Group, closely followed by Queen Mary, Sheffield and Manchester.

Meanwhile it’s no surprise that over 30 per cent of people at Exeter and Durham went to private school.


How does your uni rank?

The uni with the fewest private school students was Queen’s Belfast, as there aren’t many private schools in Northern Ireland.

Other universities outside of England followed this pattern, with Stirling, Cardiff and Aberystwyth with nearly everyone there having gone to a state school.

Despite this, St Andrews was one of the poshest unis with 41 per cent having paid for their education, with Edinburgh also making the top 10.