Taking the pill gave me a heart attack at age 23

Sarah Brison was taking the contraceptive pill Marvelon

A 23-year-old had a heart attack after switching to a new contraceptive pill.

Sarah Brison changed from Cerazette to the combined pill Marvelon after having problems with bad skin.

But not long after she woke up in extreme pain with blurry vision, and was rushed to hospital after having a heart attack.

Sarah told The Tab: “I was uncontrollably sweating and had unbearable chest pains like someone was sitting on me, like brain freeze all over my chest.

“People say your hearing is the last thing to go before you die, and that’s the only sense i had left.

“I could feel my body shutting down.”

Sarah Brison had a heart attack after switching to a different contraceptive pill

Sarah, who works as a nurse nurse in Guildford, says she changed from Cerazette to the combined pill Marvelon after having problems with bad skin.

She said: “It’s quite a common thing to do, as the same pill isn’t right for everyone.

“I didn’t realise anything was wrong until the morning i had the heart attack.”

Sarah’s vision also turned blurry and she lost all feelings in her limbs.

Luckily after 15 minutes Sarah’s feeling came back, but called the non-emergency line 111 because she didn’t believe it was serious.

But within a minute an ambulance arrived.

Sarah in hospital after having a heart attack

Sarah, who has always been active and used to play semi-professional football, said: “I was apologising to them for wasting their time, because I just thought it was a panic attack.

“I thought I’d just need to take a doctors appointment or pop to A&E – but then I found out I’d had a heart attack.

“As soon as I arrived at hospital there were eight or nine doctors and nurses all around me.”

Sarah has since found out she also has a blood condition, but doctors have confirmed the contraceptive pill she took caused the heart attack.

Wanting to raise awareness for what happened, Sarah said: “There are safer alternatives to the pill and girls just rush into it. People should think about it before they do.

She said: “I’ve urged my friends to come off the pill and most of them now have.

“I’ve been told I can’t go back on the pill again. I don’t feel taking any form of contraceptive pill ever again after this happens.”

Sarah and her boyfriend Billy

She added: “Life is completely different now. I appreciate things more and don’t take things for granted.”

Speaking directly to girls on the pill, Sarah said: “Seriously think before going on the pill and look at the reasons why – some girls go on it for bad skin, but have you tried other alternatives?

“Girls need to research contraception before they jump in.”

A spokeswoman for MSD, who produce Marvelon, says: Nothing is more important to MSD than the safety of the patients.

“The choice and suitability of a contraceptive method for any individual should always be discussed with an appropriate healthcare professional.”

Sarah is raising money for the British Heart Foundation on her JustGiving page.