Is it OK to talk during sex?

‘It’s weird if you don’t’

Do you prefer to keep it schtum when you’re getting down to it or would you rather shower bae in compliments?

Bobby, 31,  Retail Manager

IMG_9564“Definitely, it’s weird if you don’t.”

Zhodi, 23, student


“No. Sex is the one time I don’t want to hear people talk.”

Gabi, 24, student

Gabby“Yes. It’s funny.”

Ines, 25, Assistant Stylist


“Yes. It’s a very intimate moment and it’s good to share.”

Daisy, 21, student


“Depends what you talk about.”

Sarah, 19, student


“It would be weird if you didn’t talk…sometimes.”

Peter, 32, Store Manager


“I think it’s acceptable but I wouldn’t do it. But dirty talk? Hell yeah.”

Jagoda, 20, Sous Chef


“Yeah, of course. If people feel close to each other you should feel comfortable to talk.”

James, 27, Account Manager


“I don’t really enjoy it myself but it depends what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about doing the dishes then no.”

Andre, 22, and Justin, 24 , stylists


Justin: “I think it’s fine, depends on your relationship.”

Andre: “Depends what kind of talking. If it’s dirty talk then yeah. Depends how mashed up you are init.”