95 per cent of girls say they’ve been groped on a night out

Definitive proof that ‘lad culture’ is a problem

Almost every girl who took The Tab’s sexual assault survey has been touched inappropriately on a night out.

The startling results from our survey last week show a huge concern for the rise of “lad culture”, with over 77 per cent of female respondents saying it is a problem plaguing university.

But the survey, taken by over 5,000 students, also reveals that only of 44 per cent of boys think “lad culture” is worth worrying about. Just under a quarter of boys confessed to groping girls on a night out.

One anonymous respondent said: “I’ve had hands stuck up my dress, my boobs grabbed, my bum grabbed, I’ve been pulled towards people and jeered at all because I’m a girl.”

Responding to the figures, Manchester third year Laura Fitzpatrick said: “Sadly this stat isn’t actually shocking to me.

“Guys seem to think it’s okay for them to touch us up on nights out, when it really isn’t – the line needs to be drawn because its clearly being crossed far too often.

“This is pretty much definitive of lad culture. How people can still say its not a problem is baffling.

“If this doesn’t prove lad culture is a problem at university, I don’t know what does.”


The results show that most of you consider “lad culture” a university wide problem. Whether it’s consent classes, good lad workshops or just a hard look in the mirror – it’s finally time to do something about this epidemic which is leaving people violated on a night out.

Over 5,000 people responded to our sexual assault survey, which asked what you really thought about rape culture, consent classes and revenge porn.