New rules mean you could be waiting FIVE MINUTES for an Uber

The day the world changed forever

Harsh new government rules could keep you waiting five minutes for your Uber to arrive.

A proposed crackdown by Transport for London (TfL) could also mean Uber passengers won’t be able to see available cars in the area on the app.

This is because drivers would be forced to tell you they are on their way at least five minutes before they arrive.

Uber lover Charlie Gardiner Hill spends at least £250 a month on the service and is outraged by the proposed change in plans.

He told The Tab: “I use Uber to meet friends in the evening, and this is going to make me later than I already am.”


A journey that was quicker than the mandatory waiting time will be if TfL get their way

He added: “The tracking system works the best if you’re in an awkward place – you can run out and find the Uber.

“If the changes come through it won’t stop me using Uber, because they’re always cheaper and a comfier ride.”

Currently the cars arrive an impressive three minutes after being requested on average.

Chief operating officer for TfL Garrett Emmerson said: “We are launching a public consultation in order to inform and improve the regulations that govern the capital’s private hire trade.

“In recent years the private hire industry has grown exponentially and technology has also developed rapidly.

“The consultation sets out a number of ways that standards across the industry could be raised, ensuring Londoners can continue to benefit from the service provided by licensed private hire vehicles.

“No final decisions have been made and we’re keen to hear a range of views from the trade and from Londoners, too.”

If the waiting time goes up, surge charges could increase too

If the waiting time goes up, surge charges could increase too

Uber immediately hit out at the plans, claiming they were designed to help out other taxi companies.

UK head Jo Bertram said: “These bureaucratic new rules will not improve your ride.

“They’re designed to address the concerns of black cab drivers, who feel under pressure from increased competition.

“But the answer is to reduce the onerous regulations cabbies face today – not increase them for everyone else.”

Angry Uber fans have even launched a petition, which has reached nearly 100,000 since being posted earlier today.