Freshers’ Week edition: Best dressed on campus

Nailing back to school chic


You’ve presumably spent your whole summer planning your outfits for freshers, and for these guys, the preparation has paid off.

Envy is a powerful thing.

Hannah and Suzy, 1st year, Paramedic Emergency Care at Brookes

Geo and Lucy, 1st year, English Literature at Brookes

Hermione, 2nd year, International Relations and Politics and Lucy, 1st year, Animal Biology and Conservation at Brookes

Federica, 3rd year, Business and Management at Brookes

Lewis, 2nd year, International Relations and Politics and CJ, 2nd year, Law at Brookes

Jessie, 3rd year, Anthropology at Brookes

Roneil, 3rd year, Accounting and Finance at Brookes

Annie, 2nd year, Law at Brookes

Georgia Cole, 1st year, English at Exeter

Jemma Convery, 1st year, Psychology at Exeter

Tom Chapell, 1st year, Mechanical Engineering at Exeter

Sophie, 1st year, Modern Languages at Exeter

Ella Taylor, 1st year, Psychology at Exeter

Georgia, 18, Psychology at Glasgow

Lu Chen, 25, Management at Glasgow

Caitlin, 19, Interior Design at the School of Art at Glasgow

Charly, 19, Interior Design at the School of Art at Glasgow

Lauren, 20, Medicine at Glasgow

Megan, 20, Medicine at Glasgow

Kam Scott, 4th year, French and Hispanic Studies at Nottingham

Sophie Peart, 1st year, German and Spanish Studies at Nottingham

Emily Neill, 1st year, English at Nottingham