Do you live in the worst student house in the country?

You could win a £1000 Gift Card if your house rivals these

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The majority of student houses are mouldy, damp, falling apart at the seams and just generally lacking a bit of good old fashioned TLC.

HomeSense is giving you the chance to get your hands on a £1000 Gift Card to completely re-vamp your grimy house.

Specialising in unique and stylish homeware, HomeSense is giving you the opportunity to transform your dingy residence into a house you can finally be proud to live in.

For your chance to win, email and upload a picture of your dismal house. The winning entry will win a £1000 Gift Card to makeover their home.

Beth Riley, an Ancient History second year from Liverpool, faces numerous daily issues with her house in Wavertree.

Beth said: “The house is grim but it’s ours and just needs time and money spent on it. The mould is the worst bit and that our electricity and wifi keep turning off.”


Beth faces a mouldy shower curtain on a daily basis

Does your house rival these depressing houses? To enter, email and upload a picture of your dismal house for your chance to win.


Not impressed


Is your house is in need of a £1000 Gift Card? Email and upload a picture of your awful house for your chance to win.

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Seb, a finalist from Durham, was faced with below standard living conditions when moving into his northern house.

Seb said: “It had damp everywhere and all the landlord had done was cover it up with pieces of wood. We had a dishwasher that said ‘for the tip’.

“We had rubbish thrown outside our front door after the builders were finished working, it took them couple weeks to clear up.”


Welcome home

Give your house a makeover with a £1000 Gift Card from HomeSense. Email and upload a picture of your awful house for your chance to win


Tegan Marlow, an English finalist from Royal Holloway, faced a serious mould problem when moving into her house.

Tegan said: “The landlord had been boarding up the inside of the walls so mould couldn’t be professionally detected and had just painted over the stains every year.

“To be honest we should have realised what we were in for when we first moved in and he emailed my housemate with just the words: ‘get lost.'”teegan pic

For your chance to win a £1000 HomeSense Gift Card, simply email and upload a picture of your appalling accommodation.

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