What’s your biggest secret?

It’s too dark to tell you

secret what's your biggest secret

Whether it’s not changing your underwear or drinking on the job, everyone has a secret they’d rather not spill. 

Becca, 19, student at Leeds

“I’m scared of cauliflower. It’s disgusting, I can’t be around it. When I was younger, my sister ate a Brussels sprout and then threw up, and my dad used to say Brussels sprouts were mini cauliflowers.

“I don’t really have secrets. Everyone just finds out everything.”

Shafak, 25, Office Manager

“I don’t keep secrets.”

Terence, 55, investor

“Deepest secret? That’s a big question. I really love cats. They’re crafty and interesting –– everything I am. They give off the image I respect and only like you if they want to. They’re arrogant, selfish and loving all at the same time.”

Pete, 23, barista

“There’s not much I haven’t shared before, it depends on the group. I failed my third year at university, the London School of Theology. You don’t need a degree to make coffee.”

Tril, 24, train driver

“I don’t think I have any. I’ve told people everything. Shit, I don’t know. I drink while I work at the restaurant. Not when I drive the train.”

Karina, 20, Drama student at Queen Mary

“I secretly don’t like everyone and I love spending time with myself. I tell my flatmates to leave me alone. They’ve done nothing wrong.”

Emma, 25, Fika Bar and Kitchen

“Sometimes I like pretending to be from different places.”

Enrico, 23, retail

“I’d like to slap a colleague.”

Monica, 33, student from Berlin

“I don’t think I have one.”

Shane, 25, barber

“I wear my jocks back to front. I flip them for good luck.”

Mathiaz, 31, engineer

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret any more.”