Your hangovers have deprived you of 22 hours of summer


Tomorrow marks the start of September, and today’s rain marks the end of summer.

And you wasted a massive 22 hours of your precious holidays being hungover.

A new survey from Cancer Research found Brits lost almost a full day to hangovers this summer — and one in four admitted their boozing stopped them going out to enjoy the sun.

We’ve missed events and sunny days all because of alcohol

For younger people the figure was even higher, and 18-34 year olds were the most affected, with 40 per cent admitting their boozy nights out stopped them soaking up the sunshine.

And it’s not just the warm weather hangovers are depriving us of, nearly a quarter confessed they had skipped a day out with family or friends this summer to nurse their hangover.

The research found the average hangover lasts a depressing six and half hours, but one in eight said their most recent had lasted more than twelve hours, wasting half a day on feeling grim.

For men, most hangovers came from beer as their drink of choice during the summer months, closely followed by lager and cider, while women spent their summer drinking mostly white wine.

A tiny three per cent of us said sparkling wine — prosecco, champers and cava — as our preferred summer drink.

You’re wasting your summer boys

The research, which surveyed over 2,000 people, took into account hangovers which may have occurred on the odd rainy day, and filtered out people who didn’t drink, and the lucky few who manage to escape without getting hungover at all.

The charity also created an alcohol calculator which allows you to work out much your drinking costs, and how much it’s adding to your waistline.

The calculator shows how much calories and money your drinking is costing you

The tool lets you calculate how much you would save on a monthly and weekly basis by signing up for the Dryathlon campaign.

Anthony Newman, director of marketing at Cancer Research UK, said: “We’ve seen some record temperatures this summer, but with great weather has come the pull of the beer garden, festivals and parties – all of which often go in hand-in-hand with having a few too many.

“Now the sun appears to have gone in and September’s almost here, it’s the perfect time for us to claim back those summer hours lost to the dreaded hangover and take on Dryathlon. 

“Not only will you feel bright eyed, bushy tailed and able to make the most of every minute – you’ll be raising money to help beat cancer.”

Earlier this week research found there is no cure for a hangover, and even late night feasts and drinking loads of water won’t save you.