Falling in love can make you lose weight

Not only are you single, you’re probably fat too

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It’s time to replace those bacon baps in your stomach with butterflies, after a new study has found that falling in love can actually help you lose weight.

The research, carried out by the New York Academy of Sciences, found a link between love hormone oxytocin and eating less.

Subjects who were given doses of the “cuddle hormone” via a conspicuously unsexy nostril inhaler went on to eat 122 fewer calories and 9g less fat in their next meal.


He knows

The hormone, which is responsible for the warm and fuzzy desire to cuddle after sex, is now being touted as a potential combatant for obesity.

The study comes soon after research which found food really is the way to a lady’s heart, as women’s brains respond more to romantic cues on a full stomach than an empty one.

The research, published by the journal Appetite, blamed animal instincts which link food to further rewards. Yes, they mean sex.

If you haven’t found a bae to cook for yet, don’t worry – a Journal of Evolutionary Psychology study found watching a sad film can boost oxytocin levels by 47 per cent.

Netflix and chill, anyone?