What you should be wearing to bed, according to men

Apparently they hate thongs


Men have revealed what they want women to wear in bed. 

Men prefer women to wear matching sets of lingerie with stockings, but hate thongs, babydolls and corsets, according to new research.

The study, commissioned by a mobile app, found the vast majority of both men and women agreed underwear affects how attractive they find the opposite sex.

Over half of men said they would judge a woman if she wore “unattractive underwear”, and a massive 86 per cent said the kind of underwear a woman wears affects how much they fancy them.

The research revealed men like matching sets of lingerie worn with a pair of stockings, but really hate corsets and baby doll outfits — with only six per cent saying they’d be impressed by them.

And thongs are less popular than you might expect — only a paltry 19 per cent of men said they found them attractive.

Men and women both agree wearing grotty old underwear is completely unacceptable, with 59 per cent of women and 52 per cent of men saying they would judge someone of the opposite sex for wearing “unattractive or old” pants.

Women are nearly as judgemental as men, and research revealed 71 per cent of women say the kind of underwear guys wear “matters to them”.

And 43 per cent said they felt sexiest when wearing a matching set of underwear.

A spokesperson for the OnePulse mobile app, who commissioned the research, said: “We wanted to poll our users to understand what males and females find attractive on the opposite sex. 

“As our data demonstrates, the type of lingerie that a man or a woman wears affects how attractive the opposite sex find them, and perception of what is ‘most attractive’ is consistent for both genders.”

Annabelle Knight, resident sexpert of Lovehoney, added: “Imagine how attractive you find a partner when you see them wearing a really amazing set of underwear – that is a two way street.

“By wearing a set of particularly exuberant lingerie, your partner and yourself can share a secret – only the two of you would know what you’re wearing under your clothes, which can heighten a shared sense of adventure.”