Meet the third year cop juggling uni life with working in the police

Just don’t ask her to turn the music up

Usually, the only contact students have with the police is outside a nightclub on a Friday night. 

But righteous third year Leanne Boyack isn’t breaking the law: she’s making it, spending her free time on the beat in her uni city.

Since June, 21-year-old Leanne has worked as a special constable, a flexible role where she can choose shifts to fit in with her studies.

While the Dundee student is policing the streets, she has all the same powers and training as a full-time officer, and can earn up to £1200 a year combatting crime.

Not to mention reprimanding fellow students.


Forget fancy dress, Leanne is a real cop in her spare time (Photo – Evening Telegraph)

Speaking to the Evening Telegraph, the Geography and Politics student said: “I’ve always wanted to go into the police and I’ve done work experience here before.

“When I applied I thought it would be a good thing to do while studying for my degree.

“It meant I would have experience and know how everything works if I wanted to do this full-time in the future.

“My first couple of shifts were spent dealing with a lot of anti-social behaviour and drug users in the city centre.”

Leanne on the beat (Photo – Evening Telegraph)

Special Constable Co-ordinator Ryan MacDonald told the Evening Telegraph that Leanne’s job is “essential” for Police Scotland.

He said: “I have massive respect for Leanne and our other special constables who balance their own jobs with this role

Police Scotland relies on them and the more we have, the better.

“They are exposed to the same dangers that a regular officer would be.

“Specials have been first responders at serious incidents in the past, whether that’s serious assaults and murders, and, especially in the rural areas, they have attended serious road traffic collisions first.”

Leanne with Police Special Ryan MacDonald (Photo – Evening Telegraph)

Unbelievably, on top of all this, ridiculously motivated Leanne also works in Asda, where she patrols the shop floor instead of the streets.