This year’s youngest Great British Bake Off contestant is an artsy fresher

Odd choice for a gap year activity

The smiling flour-dusted faces of this year’s Great British Bake-Off contestants have been unleashed on the public, including Scottish fresher Flora.

At 19, Flora is this year’s youngest baker. Described as “an old head on young shoulders”, she works as an assistant in a contemporary art gallery while she waits to start her History of Art degree.

Flora, who lives in the Scottish countryside with her mum and two younger sisters, has high standards and says she’s been baking for as long as she can remember.

Coming from a big family of bakers, she regularly stocks the larder baking cakes and loaves for her family like the grubby little fresher she is.

This year’s other contestants include a tattooed singer called Stu and a 49-year-old ex-prison officer.

Also competing is hench mum-of-two who makes soul crushing gluten-free treats and calls cakes a “nutritional sin”.

Flora will be the first student to compete on Bake Off since Ruby Tandoh captured our hearts with her curly locks and sassy Twitter presence two years ago.

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