How fashionable is your uni?

I got beauty I got class I got style and I got ass

Style-conscious fashionistas at Birmingham uni are spending more money on clothes than any other undergrads in the UK.

A recent Natwest survey puts the weekly spend on new threads at an eye-watering £15.29 in Birmingham, equivalent to nearly £800 a year.

The catwalks of Birmingham’s campus contrast starkly with the grubby, charity shop-wearing streets of Exeter and Bristol, where the average student spends just over £300 a year on making themselves presentable.

This is what campus style at Birmingham looks like

This is what campus style at Birmingham looks like

Scotland’s style icons are Glasgow, where the average annual spend is an impressive £679.64, while rival city Edinburgh are wallowing in their own filth and only forking out around £367 on clean clothes.

Elsewhere, Cambridge pip Oxford in the sartorial stakes, with an extra £120 a year spent on pocket squares/cravats/other Oxbridge things.

According to Natwest, the average UK student spends just over £500 on new clothes a year, over a hundred pounds less than they spend on alcohol.

To find out how much the cool kids at your uni are spend to look so good, check the table below.


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