Gap year girl, 21, killed in tragic quad bike accident in Australia

The bike flipped after it hit water

The first picture has been released of the gap year girl killed in a freak quad bike accident. 

Bryony Bonekyn, 21, from Tottenham, London, died when her vehicle hit water and rolled at One Mile Beach in Queensland, Australia.

Bryony, who was set to study English Literature at Brighton Uni in September, had been travelling the world.

She had spent six months away, working in Sri Lanka working for the Elephant Freedom project before going to Australia.


Bryony, 21, who tragically died on Saturday

Friends and family have paid tribute to the volunteer charity worker, having set up a Justgiving page to bring her body home and pay for her funeral.

In a statement, the family said: “Bryony was an effortlessly charismatic girl full of so much life and love.

“Her compelling nature drew a diverse group of friends together, and her fierce mind and intelligence assured that she would have a bright and wonderful future.

“She left this world being loved and cherished by everyone she had ever met, and she will forever remain in our hearts.

“If all of us had even half the amount of compassion, selflessness and ambition that she had, this world would be a much better place for us all.”


Bryony at the Elephant Freedom Project. Credit: Elephant Freedom Project


In Sri Lanka. Credit: Elephant Freedom Project

Having set a target of £5,000, hundreds of donors have handed over a whopping £9,350 so far. Well wishers have been posting messages of condolence on the Elephant Freedom Project Facebook page.

Her 37-year-old passenger was unharmed and Queensland police confirmed an investigation has begun.

Friend Erryn Wells told the Daily Mail how she had to break the news to Bryony’s parents.

Describing herself as her “adopted Aussie mum”, she said: “She was the kindest kid I’ve ever met.

“It’s something I never want to do again ever… They were devastated as you can imagine.”

Bryony had visited the project twice on her travels

Bryony had visited the project twice on her travels

The Elephant Freedom Project said: “We are utterly devastated to learn about the untimely death in Australia of Bryony, better known to us as BB. In her memory some pictures of her time with us at the project. We wish her family much strength in this extremely difficult time. BB, we will miss you dearly.”

The number of quad bikes accident is a concern for Australian authorities.

Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety director Dr Tony Lower said: “There were 15 recorded quad-related deaths in 2014, maintaining the 10 year average of 14 deaths per year.”