It’s official, Grantham is the worst hometown in the country

It’s where Maggie Thatcher was born

You voted in your thousands and pulled no punches in deciding the worst hometown in the whole country is actually Grantham.

Affectionately known as “the middle – the place you always have to go through on the way to Leeds, Durham or York on the train”, Grantham won you over with its depressing high street, piss-stained clubs and crisp Superdry t-shirts.

Your fond childhood memories of the quaint town pulled a massive 22 per cent of the overall vote, leaving Blackpool trailing behind in second place with just 10 per cent of the hate. 

Guildford, Croydon and Middlesbrough provided a decent cross-section and tied for third per cent with eight per cent of the vote, while Ashborne and Harborne got off relatively scot-free, coming bottom with just one per cent each.

There’s more love for the quiet streets of Croydon than there is for Grantham

Leeds graduate and Grantham escapee Jack Cummings said: “In her autobiography Margaret Thatcher said people from Grantham are small-minded, and she kind of hit the nail on the head. It’s not the most interesting place to grow up and lot of my friends have finally got out.

“Sometimes I  see a drunken brawl in a kebab shop or scuffle on the bus and fondly think of home.”