What would you rate yourself out of 10?


beautiful Fit rate out of 10

Think you’re fit? Are you a worldie? 

Michaela, Sales Advisor, 5/10


“I think I’m a five or maybe a six. I reckon I’m pretty average.”

Georgina, Harrods Sales Advisor, 7.3/10


“7.75 – very specific. I’ve only just travelled over to the UK to start my job. I’m American so I’m already a five. I’ve got a good sense of humour. What would you rate me?”

Laurence, French & Portuguese at Southampton, 8/10


“A rating is not needed. If I had to say a number, I’d opt for an eight. Slicked back hair doesn’t come easily, yet arrogance does. Confidence and personality contribute to this rating but without doubt. Aesthetics always surpass any level of character.”

Emma, Finance Advisor, 10.5/10


“10.5, maybe 10.6 at a push. I am amazing in every way. I always look incredible, my personality is faultless and I have amazing banter.”

Hannah, Textiles at Huddersfield, 6.75/10


“Depends who my audience is. Right now I’m definitely a 6.75 but last night on my date with my boyfriend I was definitely a seven. But today’s a bad day, I’m not wearing any lippy.”

Freddie, Shop Manager, 7/10


“One wouldn’t want to be too arrogant. But six is too low.”

Anthony, UCA, 6.5/10


“6.5 but my friend says I’m a seven. I’m alright but above average. I think anything above a five shows the extent of your ego.”

Edith, Gap year, 8/10


“I’m funny, easy to get along with and have a great personality.”

Scarlet, Gap year, 9/10


“Today I’m an 8.5 but normally I’m a nine. I’m dazzling and anyone who says I’m not is wrong. I’ve got good looks and a great personality.”