Hands off my NOS: Protestors plan legal high demo outside Parliament

It’s being organised by the Psychedelic Society

Raging hippie crack fiends are set to protest outside Parliament over the imminent banning of legal highs. 

A non-profit organisation aptly named the Psychedelic Society are planning a peaceful protest in defiance of the new Tory Government’s plans to stop the sale and consumption of legal highs like NOS and poppers.

The activists will march in their hundreds before inhaling their own balloons filled with nitrous oxide gas as Big Ben strikes 3pm, before giggling and moving on.


Say goodbye to your favourite legal highs

People taking part will be encouraged to bring their own balloons and canisters — which are more regularly used for catering purposes.

The high stimulated from the inhalation of the gas lasts for mere seconds, giving a sense of euphoria and a chilled-out effect.

And the Psychedelic Society, run by Stephen Reid, 29, want to defend their right to huff the gas.

Stephen told the Mirror: “I’ve been using psychedelic drugs for a number of years and they’re a life-changing, positive experience.

“We’re doing this to make a point about the absurdity of the Bill.

“We intend to be in touch with police beforehand and ensure that this is going to be done carefully and responsibly.

“The idea is to take a single balloon each and then move on. We’re not going to be hanging round there.”


Because other societies wanted to take part, like the UK Cannabis Social Club, it still does not have a fixed date — but organisers say it will be “sometime mid-July”.

Stephen argues the problem with legal highs is a “lack of education”.

He said: “Local shops who sell the products over the counter do not know how much is unsafe to sell.

“Drugs themselves are not dangerous —  it’s how people use them.”


Stephen believes if cannabis and MDMA were legalised, it would take the edge off the recent spike in quick-fix legal highs.

He added: “If [people] could get hold of the real thing they wouldn’t have to bother as much with legal highs.”

On their equally-as-trippy website, the Psychedelic Society maintain psychedelics should be made “available for careful personal and medical use” and offer links to a range of magic mushroom spore and growing kits.

They come with a disclaimer: “The Society does not engage in illegal activities during any of its events.

“Don’t get involved to illegally buy or sell substances.”

Take part in the protest here.