Fit girls won’t get the job if they attach a pic to their CV

You’re being punished for being pretty

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You might have been born a worldie, but startling new study shows attractive women are 30 per cent less likely to get a job.

Employers prefer to see plainer pictures attached to a CV, because you’re considered vain and unsympathetic if you’re fit.

Inclusion of a CV photo is even a requirement in some countries, and UK employers are requesting it more.

But as 96 per cent of people working in recruitment are women, if they think you’re too attractive they won’t be hiring you any time soon.

Jealousy plays a big part in this, as women in charge of hiring other women see potential employees as rivals if they’re better looking.

Woke up like this

Dr. Bradley Ruffle, of Wilfrid Laurier University, said: “Men may be deterred from hiring attractive women over a fear of a backlash from their spouses.

“Female employers will compete with them for mates, or at least the attention of male co-workers.”

The photos of attractive women were also said to be “social magnets who lower productivity”.

Psychology Professor, Marshall Dermer from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee said: “The good looking were perceived to be vain, snobbish and unsympathetic.”

With applications to graduate jobs on the rise, recruitment agencies may have less to rely on, and when two candidates have similar qualifications and experience, the pic could be a deciding factor.

Expert Researcher Ze’ev Shtudiner said: “If this were a perfect world, attaching a photo to your CV would do nothing more than allow a prospective employer to put a face to your name.

“But, in the real world, providing your image unleashes beauty discrimination at the earliest stage of the hiring process.”

Kate Wilson, a first year Occupational Therapy student at Sheffield Hallam said: “If you put a photo in I think you should look nice in it.

“You shouldn’t apply ridiculous make up like lipstick and false eyelashes, but a bit of natural make up to look your best.

“They are employing you on your ability and credentials, not your looks.”

But others have been advised not to attach pictures at all.

Laura Blackett, second year Psychology student at Durham University, said: “I wouldn’t attach a photo, I’ve been told not to.”

Speech Therapy at Newcastle student, Kirsty Spalding, added: “I didn’t even know people put photos in.

“I wouldn’t do it unless they asked for one. I think you have to look professional and sensible.”