Nerds incoming: Scientists will now lecture you in pubs

Get pissed and learn about rockets


Pubs across the country will be opening their doors to the nerdy and hosting special talks on the latest in scientific discovery.

“Pint of Science” – a non-profit organisation who hold a worldwide festival annually – will now host lectures and educate you in the “informal setting” of your local between the 18th-20th of May.


The lectures range from the Psychology focused “Beautiful Mind” lecture, to “Atoms to Galaxies”, “Tech Me Out”, “Our Society” and the rather ominous “Special” and “Our Body”.

One of the sites playing host to the event will be student haunt “The Hophouse” Pub, in Bristol.

They said: “We’re really looking forward to hosting the event, even though we don’t know that much about it.

“All we really know at this point is from the information on the website, but it should be fun.”

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But with science


Events will be taking place in 12 British cities:

Second year Psychologist Tess is beside herself with excitement.

She said: “I actually did this sort of thing last year, where I was part of a team effort to help make research come alive to the public. We went into a pub to do our experiments.

“I think it’s really important for the public to see what sort of research goes on so they can better understand it. It’s an essential part of the information gathering process. What’s the point of the research if its inaccessible to you and I?

“I think this is an amazing project and a great opportunity to do something fun and new. Its great to have science available on an informal level.”

You can find out more about the event and the specifics of what will be on at your local here.