What to do if you suffer from premature ejaculation, according to a sexpert

How to get out of a sticky situation


Premature ejaculation — a sensitive topic that has and will always be in the back of a man’s mind when trying his upmost to satisfy his partner.

The British Association of Urological Surgeons reveal 20-30 per cent of men are thought to have premature ejaculation issues, or more likely, 20-30 per cent have admitted to it.

According to other analysts most fellas can only have intercourse for an average of two to five minutes before they come. But for men who suffer from PE even this may be out of reach.

We spoke to professional sexpert Denise Knowles about what to do if your bedroom nightmares become reality.


Denise Knows

It might be a shock

Denise says: “If it’s the first time it’s ever happened then it’s going to be a shock for him.

“Obviously if it’s something that causes him to go on and be anxious about it may well go on to become a self-fulfilling prophecy and he may find himself in the same situation again and again.

“It can be to do with feeling stressed, over-excitement, having anxiety around or having uncertainty around. There could be all sorts of reasons.”


It’s only bad if actually causes a problem

Sexpert Denise advises premature ejaculation isn’t always an issue.

“It’s only a bad thing if it causes a problem for either of the partners, but if its causing difficulties and its left unattended then it’s going to become a bigger problem. So it needs some support somewhere.

“You can certainly seek for sexual counselling if needs be. You might want to talk to your GP, as it might be organic in nature or if there are any other symptoms.

“But there are techniques that qualified sex therapists will be able to provide — which will not only reduce the physiological impact but also the physical.