How normal is your sex life?

How normal are your sex habits?

Over 94 per cent of you have tried oral sex and 41 per cent of you have tried anal, according to the results of our sexy poll.

Nearly a third of the 11,549 students quizzed in our massive sex survey said they tried role playing in the sack and 22 per cent claimed to have toyed with S&M.

And somewhere out there are 1812 sex tapes as 16 per cent of students have made their own skin flicks.

Over 93 per cent of you have had full intercourse.

What have you tried

An adventurous 11 per cent have tried threesomes and three per cent have been in an orgy.

Five per cent have also experimented with fisting, representing 535 individual students.

As for your favourite sex positions, 33 per cent prefer doggy-style, 25 per cent love cowgirl and 23 per cent stick to vanilla missionary.

An adventurous seven per cent like spooning best and six per cent love reverse cowgirl the most.

Surprisingly, only one percent (totalling 109 responses) like scissoring.

Favourite sex positions

This comes after we revealed you had an average number of 8.2 sexual partners.

And most of you (22 per cent) didn’t lose your virginity until you were 18 — was that not out of choice or were you just waiting for the right person?