Business, education and art students have the most sex

Even lawyers are shagging more than you


Randy business, education and art students claim to get laid more often than all other degree subjects, according to the results of our sex survey.

When quizzed about how many sexual partners they had, Business students claimed they’ve boffed 10.4 people so far — followed by 9.9 for those reading Education and 9 for artists.

History of Art, Sociology and Law were close behind just over 8.5 partners each.

FINAL Who's had the most sex by subject

Our survey — which polled a massive 11,549 students — also showed unlucky in love physicists and dentists came last with barely more than 6.2 shags.

It also counted up a grand total of 94,466 people banged. 

And when asked how many times they had sex in the last 30 days, 16 per cent of art historians said they had done it over 20 times — along with 15 per cent of lawyers.

The most sexless subjects seem to be Computer Science, Physics and Engineering as around 30 per cent of them said they’ve endured a month-long dry spell.

Bizarrely physicists, computer scientists and classicists feature high up on both charts as presumably a small number of them are frequently made love to their dweeby partners while the rest of them are utterly sexless.

Sex survey most

And here’s how each subject ranks for how little sex they’ve had in the last 30 days.