Watching porn does not desensitise you and actually makes you better in bed

You had one this morning didn’t you


Sad men who struggle in the bedroom can no longer blame their performance on being desensitised by porn, according to fresh research.

A new study revealed watching sex films can actually improve a man’s arousal and make him better in the sack.

Neuroscientists at UCLA also claim there’s no link between porn and erectile dysfunction.

But, psychologist (and mother of Tab legend Flo) Philippa Perry said free adult movies are still confusing young people.

Speaking to Mail Online, she said: “These days people educate themselves about sex usually by watching the freely available pornography.

“They get a skewed idea about sex, thinking women have to be one way and it’s all about submission and domination when of course it isn’t.”


The study took 280 men and made them watch a couple having consensual vaginal sex, or vanilla porn, and then analysed their arousal levels. It found that men who watched more sex vids at home were more aroused when watching the bonking couple.

Researcher Nicole Prause said the heightened horniness showed they were not being desensitised by the porn.

She added: “When we analysed the data, we found that the men who had watched more sex films at home were more aroused when they watched sex films in the lab.

“While one could object that this was expected since they like sex films, the result is important because clinicians often claim that men get desensitized by watching these films.

“They are responding more strongly to very vanilla (tame) erotica than the guys for whom the films are more novel.”

Professor Pfaus also said poor performance was most likely caused by anxiety and shouldn’t be blamed on porn.

He added: “While many people think easy access to porn leads to problems in the bedroom, our study suggests the opposite: that erectile dysfunction is most likely caused by the same issues that have been known for some time, such as performance anxiety, poor cardiovascular health, or side-effects from substance abuse.”