Word to your mother: A quarter of girls take their mum out clubbing

Two thirds of you still rinse them for holidays


Mums everywhere are ditching the cardigans for high heels to go on nights out with their proud daughters, according to new research. 

One in four women are said they go clubbing with their mother, and 80 per cent said they go for dinner. Only 13 per cent said they wouldn’t do anything.

Young women are increasingly likely to invite their mum to social events and are confident that being seen with their mum is no longer uncool or a sign you don’t have any mates.

‘I didn’t know you had a sister’ 

Experts at Newnham College, Cambridge, say there is less of a generation gap and similar attitudes to sex and work.

Dr Terri Apter said: “Mothers today feel they have much more in common with their daughters than they had with their mothers.

“There is no longer a huge gap in their attitudes to work, marriage, education, ambitions, sexual experience, about what is considered to be OK. It’s a much more relaxed relationship than in the past.”

The study found four in ten daughters are friends with their mum on Facebook, while 66 per cent still go on holiday together and 36 per cent invite them to social events with friends.

Leeds media student Amy Louise Pennington-Fryer, 20, from Blackburn, goes to bars and clubs with her mother Jane, a 48-year-old teacher.

She told The Sunday Times: “Mum often comes to visit for the weekend. She’ll stay at my house with my housemates and is always up for joining us on nights out. When we’re out, she’s just like one of my friends, she’s always on the dancefloor with us and can stay out later than I can.”

But men were 15 per cent less likely to socialise with their mums in a similar way.