Cambridge beat Oxford in best chat battle

Sucks to be the dark blues

Last week, we set Cambridge and Oxford a challenge to discover which of the elite universities had the best chat.

Students at both unis were asked to download the app Nattr, which allows users to crowdsource clever things to say whenever you’re lost for words in a conversation. The uni with the most downloads over the course of the week would win a party held at a club in their town where everyone with the app on their phone would get a free drink.


After a close race, Cambridge pipped Oxford to the prize by a comfortable margin in the end, with 1,132 downloads to Oxford’s measly total of 908.

True to their word, Nattr are taking over Lola’s next Thursday for a victory party to beat all victory parties. And you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to rub Oxford’s nose in it would you?


Before you head down though, make sure you’ve downloaded the app so you can claim your free drink. If you haven’t done so already, click here.