How to tell if someone is flirting with you

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Cupid scientists say they’ve figured out if someone is flirting with you.

A new study showed that if someone asks you questions or pays you compliments, they’re probably flirting. But if your potential bae crosses their legs, it means they’re not into you.

Scientists warned polite flirting can take too long and you lose the interest of whoever you fancy.

The research, lead by Dr. Hall at the University of Kansas, partnered up 51 women and 51 men and filmed their conversations. Then they said how much they liked their partner.


If conversation starts to flow, people will start palming – talking with open palms. Then men will begin to gaze at the woman while they divulge some personal details.

After 10 minutes, women will continue to palm while men will lower the pitch of their voice to sound more gruff and sexy.

Smiling, laughing and nodding were found to be the most frequent type of flirting style.

But courteous flirters leaned back in their chairs and created a larger space and found it difficult to get their message across.

Dr Hall told the Daily Mail: “Knowing your own flirting style, and knowing that of other people, can tell you about their intentions and what they expect out of it.

“Certain types give you clues about their style and ways of communication.”

How to tell if someone is flirting with you in 12 minutes

1-3 minutes: They will pay you compliments and act encouraging to what you say. They may give you a flirtatious look.

If a woman doesn’t ask any questions it means they’re not interested. Anyone who crosses their legs wants you to leave.

4-6 minutes: If you last this long, you’ll notice them become more complimentary and affirmative. They will start palming.

7-9 minutes: Compliments will now end as people become more honest. Men will look at you longingly and women will tell you about themselves and their personal life.

10-12 minutes: Women will become more happy and even more open if they’re keen. Men will try to seem more appealing by talking quieter and in a lower pitch.

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