I made £300 out of my stolen library books

This guy is making a killing while you’re paying your late fines like a mug

He said: “I studied Law and it was okay in first year, the work wasn’t too hard but when it came towards the end of my degree I couldn’t afford the new books I needed.

“I wasn’t going to pay all that tuition to fail in the final year.”

At least someone checks their books out

At least someone checks their books out

Jack said: “I paid £3000 a year and sometimes the library only had one copy of a book that I needed so the day I had it I thought ‘fuck it’ and stole it.”

He added: “After I graduated I didn’t think I’d need the books anymore and they’re so expensive in shops so I put it on one of those auction sites.

“The first book I stole was a Tort Law book, I can’t remember the name.”

Are these from our library?

Are these from our library?

After the first time, Jack got a taste for his new life of crime and expanded his black-market business.

“I did it a few more times because it was always such a pain to go back and forth to the library, I mean what are we even paying for if the course doesn’t supply them?”

And the anonymous thief says he made £90 off one Property Law book alone.

“I made 300 quid off all of it and it was easy.”

Jack managed to get around the library censors by removing the tags.

He says: “Oh yeah, it’s easy, just rip the security tag out and walk out the library no one checks your bags when you leave.”

Chances are you’ll see his books on ebay, and in the description something along the lines of “sorry about the library markings.”