Are you less of a man for enjoying your girlfriend’s strap-on?

Just curious

If your girlfriend pounds you in the arse with a strap-on, does it make you less manly?

I am actually asking for a friend, I had not even heard of it before.


Cosmopolitan branded it “the sex act even Christian Grey only dared do once” and claimed the majority of women fantasise about doing it.

In an article this month, the author writes: “Pegging allows us girls to show off our dominant side and take the power back during sex.

“Meanwhile, men like it because they can experiment with submitting – also they have a prostate gland that responds very happily to anal penetration!”

“When I first decided to make my fantasies of pegging a reality, I bought myself a slender silicone dildo with a broad base and a comfortable leather harness, as well as industrial qualities of water-based lube.

“Taking up pegging has revolutionised my sex life.”