Ex-public schoolboy in court accused of attempted rape of old classmate

Archie Reed faces allegations that he tried to rape a London student in her uni halls

An ex-public schoolboy attempted to rape his old classmate in her uni halls, the Old Bailey heard. 

Archie Reed, 20, is said to have pulled off the sleeping woman’s pyjama bottoms and knickers before he jumped on her. When she woke up, she allegedly felt Reed molesting her and screamed for him to get out of her room.

The court was told she met Reed at a drinks reception held by law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. After, they spent the night drinking wine in a central London pub.

Prosecutor Dianne Chan said the woman, a London student, invited currency consultant Reed to crash in her room after the Tube stopped running. He is then said to have pulled off her clothes, groped her, and attempted to rape her.

Ms Chan said: “She awoke to find Mr Reed on top of her and facing her. She said she immediately told him to get off her and get out – she didn’t want to see him again.

“He grabbed his things and he left. She then noticed her knickers and her pyjama shorts were off her and on the floor.”

The court was later told that Reed left in such a rush he forgot his trousers. He later bombarded her phone with calls and texts, including one that said: “I’m so sorry. I owe you everything, I’m so sorry. Just give me a phone call to explain myself.”

Reed and the woman attended a top public school together, which cannot be named for legal reasons. The court heard they met to catch up and that their friendship was just platonic.

Ms Chan also said that the woman’s invitation was not unusual as they had slept in the same bed before. But Reed said she encouraged him to stay for more wine at the pub, before they kissed and spooned in bed.

Reed claims he offered to sleep on the floor of her halls but she said he could get into bed with her. They undressed in front of each other before climbing under the covers.

Ms Chan told the court: “She moved her bottom closer to him, so he thought – to use his words – he would go for it. The Crown say it was without her consent because she was asleep when he saw the opportunity to sexually abuse her.”

The woman added: “I didn’t mind him sleeping in my bed… There was a boundary I didn’t expect him to cross.”

Reed, who lives in Hammersmith, denies attempted rape and assault by penetration. The trial continues.