Colossus of fun: Roehampton rent Thorpe Park for Freshers’ Week

Prepare to get wet

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Students at Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester must have thought their Freshers’ Week was the best in the country – until now.  

Because Roehampton have rented out Thorpe Park for Freshers’ Week.

The SU are taking 1,400 thrill-seeking freshers for a huge day out on September 18th.

The sort of mayhem Roehampton freshers can expect

Students will pay £20 for a day at Thorpe Park with all the rides reserved for them.

And although Freshers’ Week is usually seen as a week of boozing and puking, the SU insists that this event is alcohol free.

Better than a Jagerbomb. Right kids?

Roehampton Student Union President Siobhan Kelly said: “We’re specifically branding it as an alternative to our union bar and nightclub events – no alcohol will be allowed on the transport we’re providing, and the early start and finish will appeal to first years who don’t want to stay up until the early hours.

“It’s the perfect way for new students to get to know their new housemates and have a great experience to talk about.”

Madness. Utter madness

Just in case, Thorpe Park are ready for bus-loads of drunken, vomiting freshers arriving on the 18th.

Park employee Natasha said: “There is not exactly a policy in place, but obviously if students were drunk and disorderly they would be removed from the park.

“But if they were just sick on the rides like you would normally be if you had sickness, then it would not be such a big deal.”

Natasha is set to study at Ro in September and says she “would definitely go” on the trip.



And freshers can’t wait for the day: