Smug: student satisfaction at all time high

Students have reached near orgasmic levels of bliss, according to the National Student Survey

Student satisfaction has reached a joyous ten year high, says a new survey. 

The National Student Survey released today suggests that students nationwide are 86% happy with their courses.

St Andrews and Bath come top with an apparent 93% of students chuffed.

Newcastle, Exeter, Oxford, and Cambridge follow close behind with 91%.

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Exeter: 91% smug

Unis are glowing with self-satisfied press releases: Bath says their score is “an outstanding achievement”.

The St Andrews Student Association said the result was down to “the extraordinary dedication of countless individuals towards enhancing the student experience.”

Good news, except for Aberystwyth. They’ve come up short again with 83% satisfaction, three points down from their benchmark.

Local politician and former Aber student Simon Thomas said: “It is disappointing to see Aberystwyth University flatlining in the satisfaction scores and not making progress this year.

Manchester: 85% chuffed

“The university is going through a period of change, much of which is needed, but I am concerned that it does not seem to be taking the student body with it.”

Head of the NSS, Prof Madeleine Atkins said:  “I’m delighted to see record levels of student satisfaction this year, as well as marked improvements in satisfaction with assessment and feedback over the last decade.”

But some have criticised the survey for wasting government time and money.

In a Guardian article published today, Nona Buckley-Irvine, general secretary of LSE student union said: “the questions are simplistic and a numbers analysis is hopelessly inadequate for telling us what constitutes good feedback, quality personal development and sufficient contact time.”


Bristol: 84% content

Even the lowest-ranked universities managed to pull in high scores: Kingston’s students are 79% happy and Edinburgh reach an impressive 82%.