Eggsciting uni research shows that farts can be good for you

That’s right, the butt of bodily function jokes is actually useful, and could save lives.

Farts that smell like rotten egg could save your life – according to wind breaking new research.

Research by the University of Exeter shows that exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide – AKA that rotten egg smell – that comes from flatulence may have some major health benefits for preventing serious diseases.

The possibly life-saving gas comes from the breakdown of food in your body, and science boffs from the uni say it could be very significant in the prevention of, as well as therapy for, serious diseases including cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

the smell from farts isn’t all bad after all!

Dr Mark Wood from the uni went as far as to flagrantly call the gas a potential “healthcare hero”.

Flatulence is a natural occurrence for everyone (yes, even girls), and despite the humour behind them, it could be a time for a change of heart following this medical discovery, and for those who turn their noses up at farting to chill out.

Hydrogen sulphide helps cells survive, and the scientists have found a way to create a compound that delivers small amounts of hydrogen sulphide to the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of the cell, to those stressed by disease.

Just don’t get addicted…

Because the health of the michondria determines whether cells live or die, this process can seriously help in preventing them from dying from the disease that has infected them. The discovery is on its way to being tested on humans, although current lab tests are looking very promising indeed.

In 2009, Science News added the stinky fart gas to the list of body friendly gasses.

Now, the social faux pas could be good for you and can possibly cure cancer. So, when it comes to embarrassment over flatulence, you should just let it go.

And who knows, perhaps the answers to more medical problems are blowing in the wind.