Like the city can’t hold us: London Pride in pictures

It literally rained on our parade but nothing could dampen our spirits

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Thousands took to the streets of London this weekend for Pride in London. The event saw members of the LGBT+ community and supporters of their cause march from Baker Street to Whitehall in the pouring rain.

Taking to the stage in Trafalgar Square, Doctor Christian Jessen blamed UKIP for the poor weather conditions, saying “This rain is only here to prove UKIP right.”

It was a day full of smiles and expression, with a very positive atmosphere

As far as we could see, Arsenal were the only football team taking part

Not shown: the poor guy who had to crawl for the entire parade.

London Pride Chairman Michael Salter was reminiscent of last year’s success, telling the crowd “Campaigning together, we made history here.”

Shortly after Pride 2013, gay marriage was legalised in the UK.

There was a notable political presence at the parade, but it was overshadowed by the much more positive presence of the expression of freedom and individuality.

“Pinkwashing is defined as a disingenuous effort by the Israeli government to use the country’s generally positive record on LGBTQ rights to distract attention from human rights abuses in Palestine.” Source:

These lucky bastards didn’t even have to walk from Baker Street to Whitehall like the rest of us

Sink The Pink smashing it on stage

Yeah, it rained a lot.

SheBoom kept the beat going from the parade to the stage

Spirits were high despite the unrelenting downpour and the £4.50 cost of a pint

A fitting pint to finish the day