Pun-cake day

It’s almost Shrove Tuesday! Time to use up all that old flour you’ve got lying around. Try our favourite pun-related pancakes

Need a basic pancake recipe? Click here, and simply adjust for each type of pun-cake.


Calm down Everyday Sexism, it’s just a pun.

Man up your Shrove Tuesday by adding manly things like bacon or beer to your pancakes! Take 1 egg, equal parts flour and beer, some chopped up cooked bacon, and fry. Add maple syrup and grunt with delight!

Fake Tancakes

Your mates will be well jel babes

The only way is Pancake Day! Channel your inner Joey Essex by spraying some “self tanning lotion” and some whipped c-reem on your crêpes.

Student Union Bancakes

Pick up a copy of The Sun while wearing your sombrero and listening to Tim Westwood playing Blurred Lines

Get around your SU’s prohibition of various things with these Bancakes, incorporating as many banned items as you can.

South Sudancakes

Inspire political debate with disks of batter!

After years of full pancakes, this year why not tear the bottom half off to liberate it from the oppressive lemon and sugar that’s ruled over it for decades?


That shit crêpe

This pancake is Bound 2 make you Stronger.

Isle of Mancakes

Best enjoyed with your inbred cousin who is also your lover

Slap some Manx kippers on there, and enjoy at high speed on the arse of Britain.

Jamie Laingcakes

Yeah boi! Douse with Dom Perignon, McVitie’s crumbs, and the bodily fluids of students across the country

Make sure you find some insufferable bastards with rich parents to eat these with.



Because bigoted arseholes like baked goods too!


There’s something fishy going on here…

Apparently, sushi pancakes are a thing. Mix 1 egg with equal parts flour and milk, and use food colouring and creative rolling to make it look like sushi. Or, you could put raw fish in your pancakes.

Duran Durancakes

For when you’re hungry like the wolf

No matter What Happens Tomorrow, these 80s inspired snacks are Notoriously good and will make you Come Undone.


[insert chopsticks joke here]

Who wouldn’t love a Romantic era Polish composer themed treat on Shrove Tuesday??

Lisa Anncakes

Wow, she’s really enjoying those!

Substitute the lemon and sugar for something salty and creamy (yes, I mean semen) in this pornstar pancake! Will go down a treat.


Old-man-cakes also work for granddad

Can’t get granny to take her pills? Have no fear! They’ll go great crushed up in the batter or sprinkled over the top!

Vincent Tancakes

No matter how good they are, he’ll want to throw them away and make new ones

You’ll need to dye these red, Vincent won’t stand for anything else.

Got any more pun-cakes? Drop us a tweet @TheTab and we’ll try our hardest to care.