Anarchist threat to Bristol University

Anarchy still in the UK as anarchists claim they bombed construction company linked to Bristol University

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A construction company was reportedly bombed earlier this week by the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) group because of their work for Bristol Uni.

Vinci are building the new Life Sciences Centre opposite the ASS Library and the FAI don’t like it.

They insist the new building will be home to synthetic biology – artificially reconstructing plant and animal genes – which they call one of the great evils of capitalism.

This is how Bristol University hope the new building will look

This is how Bristol University hope the new building will look

The FAI announced the bombing online, saying the uni’s synthetic biology research is breeding a “universe of obsessive measurement and objectification” and “scientific totalitarianism and macho uber-rationalism.”

Translated, that means we’re interfering with nature and seizing control of all living things.

They said the explosive was supposed to cut off power lines and start a fire in the Vinci Bristol office.

Vinci: targeted by anarchists

Vinci: targeted by anarchists

There are fears that Bristol Uni might be the next target – police are working with Uni security to ensure people’s safety.

But Uni chiefs are trying to hush it up. In an official statement, a representative said: “There’s nothing to suggest the incident is connected with the university” – despite the FAI clearly stating their motives and naming Bristol Uni online.

And Vinci aren’t being much more talkative. A spokesperson just said it’s “inappropriate to comment.”

The £54 million five-storey building will be the new hub for bio students, with teaching and research labs, seminar rooms and computer facilities. It’s the great black and silver monstrosity they’ve been building for two years.