Labrador has a masters degree

Service dog Kirsch picks up postgrad qualification

This cute pooch is probably more qualified than you given that he now has a Masters of Science degree.

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Labradorable: Kirsch looked great in graduation gear

Kirsch the service dog has received an honorary degree at Johns Hopkins University after he had 100% attendance on his owner’s course.

Carlos Mora, the owner of the doggy genius, was accompanied by his Golden Labrador on the course and then at their graduation ceremony earlier in May as they both received Masters of Science degrees in Counselling.

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Mortarbored: Kirsch didn’t care for his graduation ceremony

The adorable mutt even donned his very own graduation cap and gown. 

A university official read this statement at the ceremony as the pair collected their degrees: “Our last counselling degree graduate to walk across the stage tonight is Carlos Mora and his service dog Kirsch. Since Kirsch sat through every class with Carlos, both will be receiving a master’s degree in mental health counselling. We want everyone to know that Kirsch was not charged for his degree.”

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Man’s best friend: Kirsch managed to juggle the demands of full-time education with working for owner Carlos Mora

Kirsch has become an inspiration to dogs worldwide but was sadly unavailable for interview.