Sexy Mandarin: learn with the help of lingerie

Forget Rosetta Stone or Google translate, SexyMandarin is the new, cheekier way to learn another language…

With suggestive sucking, and frolicking lingerie-clad models, SexyMandarin has definitely redefined the boring teacher stereotype. 

Founded in December 2011, the site is described as “an educational institution that uses unconventional but memorable methods” to teach their students how to speak Mandarin Chinese.

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Flirty: Any chance of some extra tuition Miss?

So who do we have to thank for this sexy creation? Kaoru Kickuchi, an architecture graduate from Nottingham. According to the site, “the traditional textbook method of teaching is not the way to go about learning this language”.

What is? Apparently, playful, flirtatious women, who seem to get excited by basic vocab, like telling the time.

The site began life when a group of people decided to film sexy Chinese girls that could teach Mandarin Chinese in short video clips. They released “Lesson 1: What time is it?” on YouTube, where it became viral.

The video stars 2 beautiful women, who are writhing in bed, wearing lingerie and stockings, and teaching each other how to tell the time. Although language is the aim, the clip could easily be mistaken for a female-friendly adult film. The YouTube channel has clearly been popular for its, err, intensive vocabulary, with over 2 million hits.

“I’m pretty sure the point of them is so that some business people have an excuse to watch some soft porn!!” said Daniel Jones, a Maths student from Bristol.

“The little cartoon man is cool though, appropriately relate-able and keeps you reminded that you’re actually doing something useful…”


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Jake Dix, a philosophy student at Cambridge said: “It’s really hot women, and what guy doesn’t like that? You learn stuff as well, not necessarily the first time but you might learn something eventually.”

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嘿,性感哦 or ‘Hey Sexy’ for those who haven’t been taking lessons

But surprisingly, not everybody loves the concept.

Feminist Kat Bradbury, a business student at Exeter University, said: “In my opinion it is unnecessary to use sex and lust to exploit women in any way whether it be for educational purposes or not.”

“These videos show women in a negative light and it detracts the viewer from the main aim which is to learn mandarin!”

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Alluring: The site has profiles of 35 teachers

Wu Yue, a teacher from Beijing’s Mandarin Connection school, described the teaching style as: “very entertaining, and might be good for marketing and promotion, but not good for serious language learning. Students would get easily distracted during a class featuring sexual content.”

Prospective students are able to pick between a group session or a more intimate, one to one, lesson with their allocated teacher.

You can improve YOUR Chinese here.