Foreign students flee debts

Millions of pounds owed to unis across the country

Foreign students are leaving the country without clearing their debts in ever increasing numbers.

The biggest losers are the University of Wolverhampton who are owed a monumental £3,778,672 from a combined total of 1,885 dodgy students.

Wolves at the door: Wolverhampton University is now chasing foreign debts

Wolves at the door: Wolverhampton University is one of many chasing foreign debts

Andy Holding, finance director of Wolves Uni, said: ““As far as non-EU students are concerned, we charge a £5,000 up-front deposit for these students before they can study with us.

“We continue to pursue debts overseas if it is economic to do so.”

He did add that 99.5% of student debts were recovered.

Other big losers include:


  • Staffordshire University – owed £391,472 by students from 19 different countries
  • The University of Birmingham – £1,054,586 out of pocket thanks to 420 students
  • Aston University – owed £461,000 from students spread across 44 countries


The majority of culprits are students from across the EU who have the same eligibility for student loans as students from the UK.