Uni Challenge: Brasenose Oxford vs. Manchester

Manchester took on David Cameron’s Brasenose Monday night…

Monday night saw Brasenose College, Oxford, take on Manchester University in the battle to get past the first round of this series of University Challenge.

With Brasenose being one of the smallest colleges in the country and Manchester being one of the largest universities in the UK, it was something of a David versus Goliath situation, but with more knitwear and nerves.

uni chall 1

Manchester came out on top, winning by 215 points to 105…

Manchester are big contenders in this series, having enjoyed something of a winning streak recently- boasting four wins in the last eight years. This season, they are aiming to hold onto their place at the top for the third year in a row, having won the overall competition in both 2011 and 2012.

Their team was made up of captain Elizabeth Mitchell (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) Edward Woudhuysen (History), Joe Day (Physics with Astrophysics) and Jonathan Collings (Geography).

The minnows: Brasenose College Oxford

The minnows: Brasenose College Oxford

Whilst Brasenose students Joshua Phillips (English), James Burt (Law) and Captain Turner Edwards (Classics and French) were led by Captain Ben Ralph (Maths and Philosophy).

Despite being neck and neck in the first half, Manchester soon became apparent as the clear winners. Middle England was left screaming in frustration at their televisions as Brasenose’s scientific knowledge let them down.

Manchester are gunning for a third successive title...

Manchester are gunning for a third successive title…

In the end, the Mancunians thrashed Brasenose with the final scores standing at 215 against 105 and sent the Oxonians home with little more than memories of Paxman’s tuts as mementoes.


Next Monday sees Keele do battle with Liverpool at 8pm on BBC Two.