Degreesy Money

Graduate premium estimate up by £100,000

A study, commissioned by the government and carried out by economists from Lancaster University and the University of Kent, has shown we’re all going to be rich beyond our wildest dreams (hopefully).

You're going to need a bigger piggy bank

You’re going to need a bigger piggy bank

The graduate premium – the extra money somebody will earn over their lifetime as a result of having a degree – was estimated by the Department of Education to be a measly £100,000 back in 2002.

The new study has raised that figure to a whopping £252,000 for women and £168,000 for men.

It also found that those failing to get a 2.1 or 1st will on average earn £80,000 less than their peers who get the top grades.

Avoid a Desmond and the procrastination might actually be worth it.