Life’s not fare: Graduate places job ad in back of taxi

After being turned down for dozens of interviews, Emma Clifford decided to advertise her CV on the seats of a London cab.

Poor Emma Clifford just can’t catch a break. The 21 year-old graduate has resorted to desperate measures of plastering her face inside a black cab in a bid to bag herself a job.

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Taxi for Emma! Graduate asked for employment in cab ad…

After being turned down for dozens of interviews, naturally the next thing Em thought to do was to advertise her CV underneath the seat of a London cab.

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Emma has just graduated with a 2.1 in English Lit from Canterbury Christchurch University and has been on the hunt for her dream job since June.

She said, “I’ve got to admit it is a bit disheartening to work really hard at university to get a 2:1 and then not be able to get a job at the end of it.”

Em revealed the thought-process behind her strategy, “A lot of people travel in a London taxi every day, so I thought there’s a real chance the advert would catch someone’s eye – hopefully a potential employer.”

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The John Lewis catering assistant bemoaned the usual process of filling out applications and sending off CVs saying, “I’m yet to get a single interview. All I’ve had is emails back saying: “Thank you for applying, but we’ve been inundated with applications.'”

The hopeful grad isn’t the only one who’s tried something different to catch employer’s attention.

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Ex civil-servant Martin Bailey resorted to wearing a sign…

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Graduate Adam Pacitti splashed the cash on a billboard…

Good on you Em! Let’s just hope nobody sits on the seat with your CV on…