Risqué business: students unwittingly move into ex-brothel

Students pestered by peeved punters in Brighton.


Students Ben Miller and Rebekah Sims were delighted when they moved into their new seafront digs at 1 Montpelier Road, Brighton.

But their dream home soon turned into a naughty nightmare when peeved punters kept turning up at all times of day and night looking for sex.

The inhabitants soon discovered that their new abode was until recently Brighton’s best-known brothel, ‘Brighton Belles’.

They have now been forced to put a sign in the window to dissuade amorous fellows from disturbing them.

Mr Miller moved into the house of ill repute five months ago, just a few weeks after the ladies of the night had made their exit. Unfortunately for him, not many of their clients seem to have heard about the relocation.

He said about the property’s previous incarnation: ‘We had no idea that the house had been a brothel – our agent Pavilion Properties never warned us’

‘When we had a look around we thought it was great, really colourful and interesting. It was only after we’d moved our stuff in that we realised something was wrong’.

This ‘something’ turned out to be a hidden, windowless basement containing sex aids, high heels and suitcases full of ‘strange velvety costumes’.

Although slightly suspicious, the penny only dropped that night when no less than six groups of lusty lads arrived, hoping for a night of passion with the Brighton’s belles.

According to Miss Sims, these hopefully punters still don’t seem to have got the message.

‘People knock at all hours of the day and night’ she said. ‘It’s ridiculous. Some of them just can’t accept this is not a brothel anymore’

These crestfallen chaps have even been known to turn violent, says Miss Sims: ‘One of our friends was even punched in the face because the guy through we were trying to keep all the ladies for ourselves.’

‘Other times we have had to literally throw people out of the door’

A spokesperson for their landlord, Pavilion properties, claimed that the firm had ‘no idea’ that their latest property had a chequered history as a den of iniquity.

He said: ‘We have had a number of complaints from the tenants, and we are doing everything we can to help them out’.

According to their website, Brighton Belles Massage Parlour (cough) has now relocated to 6A Stone Street, Brighton, BN1 2HB.