Boris: you’re only here to find a husband

BoJo proves he still has his controversy-courting mojo as he riles up feminists and Twitter keyboard warriors.

We often wonder what Boris will do next: which minority group he will piss off, world leader he’ll embarrass himself in front of, or just which form of transport he’ll get stuck on.

This week’s offended group are the feminists after he joked women only go to uni because they “have got to find men to marry”. Surely online dating would be a bit cheaper than the £9,000 fees?

Boris Johnson

And then she said … that she came to uni to boost her career prospects! [Boris probably didn’t say that]

Granted, finding ‘the one’ does happen for lots of people while the’re at uni, but is it the only reason to go? Probably not, but the other people in the meeting found it funny, even if Geoff didn’t.

Actually, some in the room apparently didn’t take the joke too well, and neither did the Twittersphere, with women taking the opportunity to tell Boris why they actually went to uni: interest in the subject, wanting a job, nothing better to do and the like.

Here’s a selection of Twitter’s take on the matter. #sexistmayor is the place to be if you too want to abuse Boris.

I’d suggest Sociology

Vomiting mid-sentence is rarely a good thing

Clearly not doing it properly

Gutted, I thought it was third time lucky?

Thought KCL’s Waterfront was (a) a bit sh*t, and (b) more of a one-night-stand place?

Getting your money’s worth

That would be an incredible photo

Now that’s just uncalled for

Unfortunate. Silver lining I guess?

Chin up though Boris fans, not every #boris tweet was in hatred. The liberal, anti-sexism Dutch literally couldn’t care less about any of this.

Despite all the internet anger, I don’t really know what the kerfuffle is all about. Personally, I look forward to finding myself a husband while at uni, although I’m three years in and no luck so far. I might have to do a PhD to snag the man of my dreams.