The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

After a heated debate, students voted ‘No’ against The Sun’s ban on campus.

It’s official: The Sun will continue to shine on campus.

The results from the Guild referendum on whether or not The Sun should be banned from its campus shop are in, and it’s good news for News International.

The Sun will not be banned and bare breasts will still be available on Page 3.

The vote saw a turnout of just under 14%, but debate raged on campus this week as the Yes and No campaigns set about making as much noise as possible.

A student debate last night, broadcast by Xpression FM, saw the side against the ban win 66 to 22, reflecting both a pre-debate poll and the final referendum result.

TabTV got in on the act as questions were asked about the suitability of bare boobs on campus.

The Sun neatly predicting its own victory

The Sun neatly predicting its own victory

In a statement, the Guild said: “After a record-breaking number of votes, The Guild can now announce the results of the student vote on the motion “Should the Students’ Guild ban The Sun from its shop, and campaign for it to be banned from all University outlets, until the editors remove the bare boobs from Page 3?” are as follows:

Votes cast: 2,441
Turn Out: 13.77%
Votes FOR: 919
Votes AGAINST: 1,504

The motion was deemed to be NOT CARRIED.

We would like to congratulate both campaigns on the excellent work they did in involving students on the issue. This last week has been an incredible example of student engagement, and democracy at it’s finest.”